Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sirius blanked out on Google sky

If you wished to search for visual evidence of the existence of the Great White Lodge, the Shining ones, or the 36 around one, then you must look to other methods than Google Sky. One would think that the brightest and most visible starin the sky to be seen from Earth would be one of the most clear and magnified objects available for viewing in Google Sky. But alas, for some strange reason, the Dog Star, alleged home of the Light Beings and the Great White Lodge, is puzzlingly wiped out with a beige colored blank spot!

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows Sirius...Image via Wikipedia

Why on Earth could this be? is there somehting visible occurring on Sirius which google does not wish us to see? Or is this a simple missing piece of data? Unlikely the last possibility, due to the fact that the beige colored space used to blank the star out lets you see that the image quality of the outer perimeter and rays of Sirius are crystal clear, and therefore proves that the image should be there. It has obviously been  deliberately covered for some elusive reason. It appears that we now need assistance from avid astronomers who posess adequate equipment to obtain astronomical photographs of the vicinity around  the Dog Star Sirius, so that we can examine and see what findings are to be discovered, if any.
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After serious searching i found an amateur picture of Sirius made in December 2009, unfortunately it is too small to observe any magnification of possible events which may be occurring on Sirius.

Image courtesy of Astronomy Forums
So that was the bad news... Now here's the good news;
I continued probing and noticed that there was some strange looking anomalous object to the top right of Sirius in the picture, and magnified it - and here is what it looks like!

Closer still...

Even closer...

and lets have a look inside...

What is it? Don't ask me, but i do know that this object has appeared in various sectors of the sky in google sky